Using Our Site

Welcome to our new web site. The goal of our redesign has been to make the site more intuitive for our visitors and make it easier for them to find the information they are seeking. There are several tools that will make your visit to our site more effective.


We have changed the way we have organized our site. On the left side of our window you will see pop-down menus for Parents, Students, the Community and our Staff. Clicking on these links will reveal sub-menus. Triangles indicate further sub-menus, and circles indicate pages that will be opened when you click on the link.

If there is content on our site that you feel should be listed in a different menu, feel free to give us your feedback. Just use the "Contact Us" menu on the left side to reach us with your suggestions.

You can always click on the New Haven logo at the top of the screen to return to the home page.

Reading Stories

While some of our articles will be short enough to appear in their entirety on the main page, many will have a "Read More" link at the bottom of the teaser on the home page. Be sure to click through to read the rest of the article, or you'll be missing out!

Printing Content

Hey, it happens. Sometimes you need a hard copy of a story from our site. Click the "Print Friendly" link on a story to see a very printer friendly version of the page. Links are added as footnotes to the bottom of the document so that you get all of the information.

User Accounts

Creating an account will allow you to receive updates about happenings in NHUSD, and subscribe to automatic updates for content you are interested in. Log into your account, click on the "My Account" link in the menu on the left, and then click on the "Edit" tab. You will find a section on that page called "Information subscription [convey]". Follow the instructions there to create your own custom e-mail (or RSS - see below) alerts.

Having your own user account will also allow you to participate more fully in the site. In the future, expect to see opportunities to voice your feedback publicly through the system - this will only be available to registered users.

Finally, creating an account on the New Haven website will also allow you to log into some of our schools' websites without creating additional accounts. Many of our schools are in the process of converting to this same software, and your New Haven account will grant you access to their sites as well.

We invite you to create a user account on our system. New Haven employees may create an account by simply logging in with their district e-mail address (the entire address, including the and GroupWise password in the box on the left. Other visitors can register by clicking the "Create new account" link below the login boxes, or clicking here. You will need to provide a valid e-mail address to register. Temporary log in information will be sent to that address to complete the process.


Want to know what's happening in NHUSD without even visiting our web site? With our new RSS feeds, it's easier than ever! Simply choose one of many available RSS news readers (see here) and subscribe to one or more of our feeds. You can spot our feeds by looking for this symbol on our pages:

If you have a User Account (see above) you can even create a custom feed using the process described in the last section.


We want to know what works for you on our site, and more importantly what doesn't. Click here to let us know how we're doing!