Bond Oversight

The Citizens Bond Oversight Conmmittee was established on January 20, 2004 by the New Haven Unified School District Board of Education, after the successful passage of the 2003 Measure A. One of the Charges of the Committee is to "Review the district's efforts to maximize the efficient use of bond proceeds in ways designed to reduce overall capital costs including professional fees or site acquisition."

Meeting the Commitment to Voters: 2003 Measure A Ballot Wording

"To improve local school facilities, relieve overcrowding, and receive State matching funds, provide alternative facilities for students struggling in school, and to replace deteriorated portables with permanent classrooms, renovate aging restrooms, roofs, plumbing, heating/cooling, lighting, electrical and technology systems and renovate, acquire and/or construct school classrooms, sites, and other facilities; shall New Haven Unified School District issue $120,000,000 of bonds at legal interest rates, with citizen oversight and all funds staying in our local community?"


Committee Structure

  • *8 Members (one from each elementary attendance area)
  • 1 NHTA Representative
  • 1 NHAA Representative
  • 1 CSEA Representative
  • 1 Member active in a senior citizens' organization
  • 1 Member active in a business organization
  • Support Staff (non-voting members):
    • Chief Business Officer
    • Executive Director, Operations