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Health, Safety, and Drug Abuse
Awareness and Prevention

  • All About Asthma

    Help kids understand what asthma
    is, what can trigger it, how to cope during an asthma attack, and how
    to stay healthy and active if you have asthma
  • Child Safety Forum

    safety tips and more
    links to kids' safety sites

    Complete site from the Nemours
    Foundation: general healty, sickness, emotions & behavior,
    parenting, and much more!
  • Parents' Place

    Health, parenting,
    activities, consumer information, and more!
  • Kidz Privacy (Information for
    kids and parents on safe Internet use for kids)
  • Net Effect on Girls and the New Media
    (The Girl Scout organization commissioned this report dealing with the
    net effect of the Internet on the emotional and social lives of girls,
    ages 13-18. The report suggests ways to help teenage girls in making
    their time online a more rewarding, safe, and positive experience. -
    PDF file)
  • Growing Up Drug Free: A Parent's Guide to
    (drugs, effects, helping kids say no)
  • National Inhalant Prevention Coalition
    (Get information about ever-increasing drug

    abuse using easily accessible inhalants such as correction fluid, video
    head cleaner, spray paint, glue, helium, toxic markers, nail polish
    remover, and more. Look for the warning signs)
  • Inhalant Abuse (National Institute
    on Drug Abuse Research presents this informative report including how
    inhalants are abused, and descriptions of their effects) 

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Parenting Information and Tips

  • ParentTime

    Parenting tips on pregnancy, newborns, and infants
  • iVillage

    Pregnancy through parenting for today's moms
  • Parenting
    Advice for Fathers

    From Looking for solid, practical advice for those thorny
    parenting problems? This area includes information on child protection
    and other important issues for fathers in their role as parent.
  • Get Your ANGRIES Out

    Tips for grownups, parents, couples, kids, teachers, and more.
  • Children and Adults with Attention Deficit

    CH.A.D.D. locations and ADD info
  • Print a Poster

    Hundreds of printable posters for you to enjoy and share with topics
    including educational, motivational, inspirational, famous quotes, and
    just for fun

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Child and Family

  • FamilyFun

    Lots of things to do and make, plus places to go: arts-and-crafts,
    parties, recipes, games, printables, and travel
  • Funschool

    From Kaboose: Fun and educational games and activities for kids
  • Public
    Broadcasting System (PBS) Search

    Search for program listings on local PBS stations. Enter your zip code,
    select a station, and click on the program listings.
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Education Information

  • Doing What Works (U.S. Dept. of

    This site looks at educational practices that work, based on the best
    available evidence. It builds a bridge from research and research-based
    practices to action. The focus is on understanding the research behind
    recommended practices, understanding how practices are implemented in
    school, and accessing tools and templates to improve practices.
  • EdSource

    California education issues info:
    school finance, class size reduction, test standards, and more
  • EdData Education Data Partnership

    Comparative financial and demographic
    data about California and U.S. schools and school districts
  • National
    Center for Education Statistics (NCES)

    Located within the U.S.
    Department of Education and the Institute of Education Sciences, NCES
    is the primary federal entity for collecting and analyzing data related
    to education.

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