Board Policy #S-5141.51

New Haven Unified School District


The Governing Board believes that, in order to benefit from a learning environment, students must be as free as possible from the dilemma imposed by personal and societal problems. Danger signs for the various at-risk categories must be taken seriously. District personnel must be concerned for the personal development of students, as well as their academic development.

The Superintendent or designee shall investigate and recommend programs which will address the needs of at-risk youths. At-risk youths include, but are not limited to, those students who abuse drugs or alcohol, are suicidal, exhibit serious attendance problems, drop out of school, are abused or disadvantaged children, or are pregnant or parenting minors.

Program planning should examine, but is not limited, to the following:

1. Classroom learning experiences and the integration of primary prevention programs into the classroom.

2. Staff development requirements.

3. District liability.

4. Community resources.

5. Crisis response/intervention teams.

6. Peer counseling.

7. Parent/guardian education.

8. Student Study Teams.

9. K-12 counseling and guidance curriculum.

10. Attendance and policy procedures.

11. Student discipline.

12. Alternative programs.

(cf. 5131.6 Alcohol and Other Drugs)
(cf. 5141.4 Child Abuse and Neglect)
(cf. 5141.52 Suicide Prevention)
(cf. 5146 Married/Pregnant/Parenting Students)
(cf. 5147 Dropout Prevention Program)
(cf. 5148 Child Care)

Legal Reference:

35160 Authority of governing boards

First Reading
February 1, 1994

Second Reading
March 1, 1994