Board Policy #S 5141.4

New Haven Unified School District


The Governing Board recognizes the district's responsibility to educate students about the dangers of child abuse so that they will acquire the skills and techniques needed to identify unsafe situations and to react appropriately and promptly.

The district's instructional program shall include age-appropriate and culturally sensitive child abuse prevention curriculum.

(cf. 6143 – Courses of Study)

The Superintendent or designee shall seek to incorporate community resources into the district's child abuse prevention programs. To the extent feasible, the Superintendent or designee shall use these community resources to provide parents/guardians with instruction in parenting skills and child abuse prevention.

(cf. 1020 - Youth Services)

Child Abuse Reporting

The Board recognizes that child abuse has severe consequences and that the district has a responsibility to protect students by facilitating the prompt reporting of known and suspected incidents of child abuse. The Superintendent or designee shall establish procedures for the identification and reporting of such incidents in accordance with law.

Employees who are mandated reporters, as defined by law and administrative regulation, are obligated to report all known or suspected incidents of child abuse and neglect. Mandated reporters shall not investigate any suspected incidents but rather shall cooperate with agencies responsible for investigating and prosecuting cases of child abuse and neglect.

The Superintendent or designee shall provide training regarding the reporting duties of mandated reporters.

In the event that training is not provided to mandated reporters, the Superintendent or designee shall report to the California Department of Education the reasons that such training is not provided. (Penal Code 11165.7)

Legal Reference:

44690 et seq. Staff development in the detection of child abuse and neglect
48906 Notification when pupil released to peace officer

273a Willful cruelty or unjustifiable punishment of child; endangering life or health
11165-11165.12 Definitions relating to child abuse
11166--11170 Reporting known or suspected cases of child abuse
11172 Exemption from civil or criminal liability resulting from required reporting of known or suspected child abuse; failure to report is a misdemeanor
11174.3 Interviewing victim at school

600 et seq. Referral by school attendance review board; minors failing to obey court order
15630 et seq. Dependent adult abuse reporting

First Reading
February 1, 1994
August 15, 2006

Second Reading
March 1, 1994
September 5, 2006

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