Board Policy #S-5124

New Haven Unified School District


Because parental involvement contributes greatly to student achievement and conduct, the Governing Board encourages frequent communication between parents/guardians and teachers by means of parent teacher conferences, class newsletters, mail, telephone, and school visits by parents/guardians.

(cf. 1250 Visits to the Schools)
(cf. 6020 Parent Involvement)

As part of this communication, teachers shall send progress reports to parents/guardians at regular intervals and shall encourage parents/guardians to communicate any concerns to the teacher.

(cf. 5113 Absences and Excuses)
(cf. 5121 Grades/Evaluation of Student Achievement)
(cf. 5145.6 Notifications Required by Law)
(cf. 6146.1 High School Graduation Requirements/Standards of Proficiency)
(cf. 6146.5 Elementary School Promotion/Standards of Proficiency)
(cf. 6162.5 Research/Standardized Testing)

Legal Reference:

49067 Mandated regulations regarding pupil's achievement
49069 Absolute right to access (parents' right of access to student records)
51216 Pupil proficiency; assessment; conference to further pupil's progress; instruction in basic skill for pupil not demonstrating sufficient progress

First Reading
February 1, 1994

Second Reading
March 1, 1994