Board Policy #S-5117

New Haven Unified School District


The Governing Board recognizes that students who reside in one district may choose to attend school in another district and that such choices are made for a variety of reasons. Requests for residents of New Haven Unified School District to attend school in another school district, or for non-residents to attend school in the New Haven Unified School District may be considered when an interdistrict agreement exists between that school district and the New Haven Unified School District. Approved interdistrict transfers expire on the last school day of the academic year. Students must reapply annually.

Due to growth within district schools and limited district resources, the Governing Board authorizes the superintendent or designee to take necessary actions including, but not limited to, cease processing interdistrict transfers, to rescind approved transfers, to transfer interdistrict transfer students to another school where space is available, or to deny applications for interdistrict transfers because of overcrowding within district schools or limited district resources.

The Superintendent or designee of another school district may deny the application based on criteria set by that district’s board and/or policies.

Legal Reference:

46600-46611 Interdistrict attendance computation
46621 Newly formed, changed or joint district
48204 Residency requirements for school attendance
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48915.1 Expelled individuals: enrollment in another district
48918 Rules governing expulsion procedures
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52317 Admission of persons including nonresidents to attendance area; workers' compensation for pupils

Cross Reference:
#S-5116.1 Open Enrollment
#S-5119 Students Expelled from Other Districts
#S-5145.6 Notifications Required by Law

First Reading
February 1, 1994
August 18, 1998
May 18, 1999
March 7, 2006

Second Reading
March 1, 1994
September 15, 1998
June 15, 1999
March 21, 2006

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