Board Policy #S-5111.1

New Haven Unified School District


Prior to a student’s admission, the parent/legal guardian living within the district must provide proof of residency. Should there be a change in residence, it is the parent/legal guardian’s responsibility to notify the school within ten school days and submit new proof of residency.

A student or parent/legal guardian may also establish residency as set forth in Administrative Regulation #S-5111.1.

If a district employee reasonably believes that a parent/legal guardian has provided false or unreliable evidence of residency, the Superintendent or designee shall make reasonable efforts to determine if the student resides in the district. If the Superintendent or designee determines that a student’s enrollment is based on false evidence of residency, he/she shall revoke the student’s enrollment.

District residency is not required for enrollment in the Regional Occupational Center (ROC) or Program (ROP), but students requesting ROC or ROP must be enrolled in the New Haven Unified School District.

First Reading
April 20, 1999

Second Reading
May 18, 1999

August 2005

First Reading
September 20, 2005

Second Reading
October 4, 2005

Administrative Regulation for Board Policy S-5111.1