New Haven Unified School Sites

SCHOOL WEB SITES: Each of our schools maintains its own Web site. Click on the appropriate link below for school-specific information.

SARC: The latest School Accountability Report Card documents are linked below each school's contact information. Information in the SARCs include student achievement, environment, resources and demographics. To learn more about SARCs from the California Department of Education (CDE), check out

Also attached at the bottom of the page are a links that will enable you to download a site-to-site mileage chart and a facilities-use fee schedule. Click here to check out an Interactive Map of District sites. (If an attachment does not open automatically in your browser program, right-click (Windows)/Control-click (Macintosh) the attachment link and save the file to your computer. Then, you will be able to open the attachment file from your computer.)

Program Improvement Information

Elementary Schools (Grades K-5)

Middle Schools (Grades 6-8)

High Schools (Grades 9-12)

Independent Study (K-12) and Adult School

Site-To-Site Mileage (PDF)19.62 KB
Facilities Use Fee Schedule (PDF)135.47 KB