The New Haven School District offers a full range of special education programs for approximately 1,200 students with exceptional needs. The District joins with the Fremont and Newark School Districts to form the Mission Valley Special Education Local Plan Area (SELPA).

The District is committed to appropriately inclusive programs for disabled students with an emphasis on collaborative models. Consequently, the special education staff is incorporated into the total staff at all schools.

The resource specialist programs in the District have received Exemplary Program awards from the California School Recognition Program for their unique models of collaboration and coordination of services in support of the district curriculum.

The District operates approximately 45 special classes for special students who are learning disabled, mentally retarded, autistic, emotionally disturbed, and severely disabled. The special class teachers are committed to modifying district curriculum according to the needs of the students. All special classes are situated on regular education campuses so that there can be maximum interaction among all the students.

The District operates a number of preschool special education programs and classes. Through an interagency agreement, the District also works with Head Start in preparing children with special needs for kindergarten.

The Mission Valley SELPA, through its Personnel Development Committee, has an extensive program which assures continuing professional growth for the special education staff. Special education teachers also participate fully in the staff development programs of the District.

For information regarding 504 Plans, IEPs or Special Education, please contact the Director of Special Services, Sarah Kappler, at (510)476-0425.