Wide Area Network RFP (E-Rate Year 17)

New Haven Unified School District has released a Request for Proposals for the Wide Area Network services that connects its schools and administrative buildings to its central office. To be included in the distribution for the RFP, please contact Chris Hobbs (chobbs@nhusd.k12.ca.us) and a copy will be sent to you electronically.

NWEA Powerpoints and Handouts

Powerpoint for Parts 1 and 2 of 2010-2011 NWEA Training, Grades 2 and up.

Powerpoint for K-1 NWEA Training, 2010-11.

PDF for accessing MAP for Primary reports at the NWEA Reports site.

Practical Password Security

How much time would it take an attacker to figure out your password? Maybe that's not a question you've ever asked yourself, but it's time you did. For many of you, the answer is very, very little time at all. Read more… »

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Koha Upgraded to 3.4

Upgraded Koha, our library system, to the latest and greatest this morning. For a list of new features see http://koha-community.org/koha-3-4-0-released/. To look at the online catalog, visit koha.nhusd.k12.ca.us.

Going Google: Your First Login

Instructions for logging into Google Apps for the first time are attached.

Going Google: Conversion Update

Lots of questions coming in about what we're going to be converting, so this e-mail aims to answer those. Data conversion will begin April 1 and continue through the week of Spring Break. Beginning April 1, all new mail will be delivered to Google instead of SOGo.


We will be automatically converting all of your mail, including that which is stored inside of your Folders (ie. Cabinet).

The exceptions to this are

1. Messages larger than 25MB
2. Messages flagged as potential viruses
3. Messages in your Trash folder Read more… »

Going Google: Taming your Calendar

So far we've covered the Google Apps in general, E-mail, and Contacts.
In today's video we're turning our attention to Google Calendar. If
you're already a user of SOGo calendar, you know how handy it is to keep
all of your appointments, meetings, and even to-dos in one electronic
container. Google's Calendar will make your life even easier.

In addition to what's shown in the quick peek video below, you'll want
to take advantage of many other features:

* Text-messaging integration (even without a "smart phone")
* Daily e-mailed agendas
* Un-Send! Read more… »

Going Google: Managing Contacts

Note: Lots of questions after my last e-mail about when we are
switching to Google Apps for Education. We will be switching mail,
calendar and address books during Spring Break - so we are just weeks away!

Taming the Address Book

One of the pain points in our transition from GroupWise to SOGo was the
loss of address book group (distribution list) information as we
migrated. GroupWise simply had no mechanism for exporting that in a
useful format for us. Thankfully, SOGo does not suffer from that Read more… »

Going Google: Intro to Google Mail

Many of you already use Gmail, Google's free consumer e-mail
service. With Google Apps for Education, we get Google Mail, which
is all but identical to the Gmail you may be used to. Some upgrades

1) Auto-complete of all NHUSD names and addresses when composing.
This works the same as (though faster than) SOGo for automatically
completing NHUSD e-mail addresses.

2) Google Message Security (GMS), powered by Postini. GMS blocks
spam and viruses from getting to your Inbox. GMS works even better Read more… »

Going Google

Over the next several weeks, I'll be sending out information to make
it easier to manage the switch from SOGo to Google Apps for
Education. For the first couple of messages, I'm going to focus on
why we've selected Google, and what's in it for you.

To kick this off, I invite you to take a look at this two minute
video to get a brief overview of what Google Apps for Education is
going to provide NHUSD: http://go.mynhusd.org/goo1
Read more… »

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