Reindeer live in the Arctic region of Europe and Asia. It is very cold here! Can you imagine what kind of clothes you would need to live here?

How big is a reindeer?

A reindeer can be 43 inches at the shoulder. That is about as tall as an 8 year old kid, but its head and neck make it a lot taller. A bull reindeer can weigh 250 pounds. How much more is that than you?

What do reindeer eat?

Reindeer eat lichen, a kind of moss, or other plants. During the winter they have a hard time finding food (there are no reindeer grocery stores) so they travel many miles looking for it.

Can reindeer fly?

This is a hard question, but you could ask Santa.

Can reindeer swim?

Yes! Reindeer are very good swimmers. They have special hairs that keep them warm and help them float. They can cross wide rushing rivers and even the frozen ice of the Arctic Ocean!

Are reindeer nice?

Reindeer are very gentle animals. They are domesticated and many people depend on them for milk and fur. Some people in Russia and Lapland keep reindeer herds, sort of like how some farmers in the United States keep cow herds. Would you like a reindeer as a pet?

Do reindeer's antlers fall off?

Yes, reindeer lose their antlers once a year. Both the male and female reindeer have antlers; the males being larger than the females. The antlers are very large. They can be almost 4 feet across!

Are reindeer and caribou the same animal?

Although caribou and reindeer are regarded by some scientists as a variety of one

species, they are actually two separate species. What do you think?


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