These directions are for AppleWorks.

To make a quilt, start off with one quilt block.

1. Hold the mouse over the block below,

click and hold down until you see a window open.

Choose "Copy image".



2. Open an AppleWorks Painting page.

Paste the block on the page.

Use the bucket tool and color the block.

Using 3 or 4 colors, try to make an interesting design.



3. Using the dotted rectangle tool,

"grab" your colored block.

Go to "Edit" on the top menu bar,

and choose "Copy".

4. Open an AppleWorks Drawing page.

Go to the "Edit" menu and choose paste.

Paste 4 blocks on your drawing page.

Arrange them neatly in a 2 by 2 array.

5. Click on one block at a time to highlight it.

(It will have little dots in the corners)

Go to "Arrange" on the top menu bar

and choose one of the following:

rotate 90*

flip horizontally

flip vertically.

Arrange the 4 blocks in some kind of symmetry pattern:

(rotation, translation, reflection, or glide reflection)

6. Choose the "Line" tool and pick a thick line

in a color that would match your design.

Use the thick line to cover any gap between the 4 blocks.

You may also want to use the thick line

to draw an outline around the whole quilt.

7. See a sample of each kind of symmetry:




Glide Reflection