Kids'Valley Garden

From planning to planting, from keeping the plants healthy to showing them off, here are all the tips you will need.

Gardening for Kids!

Here are basic gardening tips, suggestions of kid-friendly plants, a month by month calendar of what flowers to plant, and more...


Lots of great ideas for gardening with children, including chockful of activities and projects... And how about a butterfly or a bird garden?

Partners for Growing

An interactive story to read, a fun song to sing, investigations and science experiments, a leaf collection... Learn how to train bees and look at plant munchers right in the mouth..

Green Plant Escape

Help Detective Le Plant and his partners Bud and Sprout unlock the amazing mysteries of plant life... Find clues, do experiments, solve problems... and learn a bunch about plants.

Plants and our Environment

What are the parts of a plant? How do plants grow? How do seeds travel? How do bees help plants? How are plants important to us, to other animals, to our environment? Find some answers here.


CalPhotos: Plants

Ever wanted to know what a certain flower or plant looks like? Here is a place where you can search for photos of what you are looking for. You will find pictures of plants of California.