Absolutely Whootie Stories to Grow By

Folk and Fairy Tales from Around the World that Help Kids Grow

Myths and Fables from Around the World

Animal myths and fables beautifully illustrated by children in a picture book format

Children's Storybooks Online

A colorful variety of original illustrated stories for young children

Tales of Wonder

Folktales and Fairy Tales from Many Countries

Once Upon a Time Stories

A heaping helping of "Once Upon a Time When a Princess"

stories, featuring feisty princesses who save the day

King Steven's Land of Fables

A beautifully illustrated collection of classic fables.

Also the opportunity for writers to submit stories

BAB Books On-line

A variety of whimsical, illustrated children's stories presented in page-to-page fashion.

Play the Adlib game, and create your own silly story!

Internet Public Library

A full-scale online library for kids.

Oban's Legends

Fun animal myths and legends from Australia

Aesop's Fables

A collection of over 650 fables

Deep in the Bush

African Folktales from Liberia

The Case.com for Kids

Mysteries to solve and scary stories to read

Reading Rainbow Young Writers and Illustrators: Contest Winners for 1999


More than 36,000 stories written by kids all over the planet. You can publish your stories there too.

Grandpa Tucker's Rhymes and Tales

Funny stories that deliver a message

Silly poems that will bring a smile

Aaron's Storybook

Folktales, Legends, Classic Tales, and Original Tales... in readers' theater format

Candlelight Stories

Mother Goose, Arabian Nights, Just So Stories,

Hans Christian Andersen Stories, and Many More...


Jokes, Riddles, Magic Tricks, Fun Facts, Brain Teasers,

Science Experiments, Recipes, Projects Ideas...

Between the Lions

Here are links to all Between the Lions adventures. Each adventure has a story to read, followed by games and activities.