By Patrick and Vaneet

Long long ago, there was a cheetah . He had a fuzzy dog face, strong bison legs, and a bushy tail that stuck up in the air. He was a disobedient cheetah. He ate the meat of other animals. He lived in a jungle. His home was a tree with a hole in it.

One day his mother called him for dinner, but he would not listen. He ran away when his mom yelled at him. He saw a lion hurting a bird. He tackled the lion. The lion scratched him in the eye, and took a big bite out of his face. Cheetah screamed and ran away to a cave. It was dark inside.

The next day he went back to his home. His mom was mad at him and told him to go away. Cheetah was sad. He went back to the cave. The lion was there waiting for him. The lion scratched all the long fur off his legs. His legs were now all skinny. They were covered with spots from the mud. Then he went back to the cave.

This time the lion picked him up and threw him in the river. The little fish thought his tail was a giant worm, so they started to chew on it. Soon his bushy tail turned into a skinny tail. The fish bites left scars on the tail, and the tail got spots all over.

And that is why, to this day, cheetahs have small heads, skinny spotted legs, and skinny spotted tails.