By Jose, Isaac, and Marquis

Long long ago, far far away, there lived a cheetah. He was mean and he would not listen to the King of the Jungle.

One day he was playing when he saw a squirrel. He was very tempted to chase the animal, so he broke the law that said not to chase animals smaller than yourself. The squirrel started running. He ran up a tree.

Cheetah did not stop in time, so he hit the tree. BAM! His face swelled up and got fat and round.

The King happened to be passing by. He saw Cheetah and said, "What happened?"

The squirrel explained it all. Cheetah was taken to jail.

In jail this one African man was planting a plant inside the jail pen. But instead of using water, he used Miracle-Gro.

Cheetah was so thirsty that he pulled out the plant and started chewing on the roots. But instead of water inside the roots, there was Miracle-Gro. The Miracle-Gro made him shed his fur and left black patches all over his yellow legs.

A couple of weeks later Cheetah was let out of jail. One day Cheetah was taking a drink at a river. A herd of buffaloes was also drinking there.

They thought they heard some hunters, so they started a stampede. The buffaloes ran over Cheetah's tail and made it long and skinny.

And that is why, to this day, cheetahs have fat round faces, yellow black dots on their legs, and long skinny tails.