By John Mark and James

Long long ago lived a zebra. He had a furry dog tail and the fat legs of a bison. He had a gorilla head, with a mohawk on top. He was really lazy. He liked ordering the other animals around because he thought he was one of the great kings.

He lived in dry grassy fields, and his house was made out of rocks. He liked to run and stomp on little animals that didn't follow his commands. Instead of doing his own work, he sometimes caught other animals, and he forced them to work on making his house bigger. If they did not listen to him, he whipped them.

One day he was lying down on the dry grassy fields when suddenly, the sun burned some of his fur. In fact all his fur burnt off, except for his mohawk, which actually got longer. He was so sunburnt, his skin was covered with black and white stripes.

He ran back to his house to see what he looked like. He noticed that something had changed: his legs had become skinnier from all the running that he did.

A few days later he was jumping near a tree. He hit his head on a branch. He jumped from the pain, but then his tail got stuck on a fat ugly tree branch! He was stuck there for two days. Finally his wriggling got him lose, and he fell down. By then he saw that his tail had gotten long and all the fur was gone! He screamed "HAWWOOO OW MAMA MIA YOUCH! AHHH... WHAT HAPPENED TO ME??? I LOOK really really beautiful."

After that he stopped ordering the animals around, because he was so happy with the way he looked.

And that is why,to this day, Zebras have long tails, tall mohawks, and skinny legs.