By Jacob and Binh

Long long ago there lived a bison who lived on top of a snowy mountain. Bison had big floppy ears like a dog, skinny legs like a horse, and a curly tail like a pig. He was a naughty one. He was so naughty he never listened to anybody, not even his mother. He also liked to play jokes on others.

One day Bison was playing with fire next to some dry sticks (just what his mother told him not to do). He dropped the fire on the sticks, and the whole mountain caught on fire. Bison ran for his life, but his ears caught on fire. They melted into little globs in the shape of shrimps.

Later Bison went outside to do some gymnastics. An elephant was running away from someone. Bison stuck out his tail to trip him. The elephant fell on top of Bison's tail, and squashed it straight.

A couple of days later Bison went to a river to get a drink of water. He spit out water at everyone who came to get a drink at the river. Then just to make sure the others could not get any drink at all, he swallowed all the water from the river. The water went inside his legs and his legs grew fatter and fatter until they were very chubby.

That is why, today, bison have small ears, straight tails, and very chubby legs.