By Harneet, Faith, and Mylissa

Long ago there was a Cheetah who had a big shaggy dog head, a long fat tail, and short chubby pig legs. He acted weird. He always liked to do weird stuff. He lived in the dirty muddy viny jungle.

In the jungle there was a man. He had a knife and he cut the shaggy hair off of Cheetah's head, so he could use it to decorate his mask. Cheetah was embarrassed about his bald head, so he painted little dots on it to make it look better.

Cheetah was hungry. He wanted to get some of the delicious fruit hanging on the tree. But he could not reach it. He wanted to be taller, so he tied his feet to a rubberband attached to the tree. He walked away as far as he could, so he could shoot himself up on the tree like a slingshot. But when he let go, his feet were still attached to the rubberband. His legs stretched and stretched and became longer and longer.

On his way down from the fruit tree, Cheetah's tail got caught in a fork of the tree. To get himself free, he kept on pulling and pulling. His tail started to stretch out, and it got long and skinny too.

And that is why, to this day, Cheetah has a little spotted head, long long legs, and a skinny long tail.