By Dennis and Nolan

Long, long, long time ago there was an elephant. He had magical cloudy bison legs, a lizard head with a trunk, and a long spotted cheetah tail. He lived on the plains of Africa by a lake. He was strong and brave. He liked helping his friends from bullies.

The elephant was on his way to the lake to get a drink when he heard his friend Bird. Bird was about to get eaten by Cheetah. Elephant stood up for his friend Bird, but Cheetah bit the elephant's tail and pulled on it.

Elephant said, "Ouch, ouch, ouch!".

His tail became skinny and gray, with only a tuft of hair at the end.

It started to rain. The clouds washed off his cloudy bison legs. He was standing in a puddle of water. But the water was magic. New legs started to grow on him. Now he had fat round legs.

Elephant thought the cheetah still had his old tail, so he went looking for Cheetah. He was not watching where he was going, and he bumped into a tree. When he pulled his head back, he had a trunk attached to his head.

And that is why, to this day, elephants have skinny tails, fat round legs, and trunks on the tip of their heads.