By Curtis and Andy

Long ago there was a dog. He lived in the grassy plains of Ohio. He had striped zebra legs, a bushy curly zebra tail, and a ferocious tiger head. But he was really was as nice as a baby kitten, as friendly as a lion cub, and as curious as a monkey. More than anything, he liked to play, eat, and sleep.

One summer day Dog got hot. He was so hot, some of his fur actually burst into flames. The flaming fur fell on the grassy plains... and fire spread all over the land... Plains of Fire.

But Dog was not worried. There were always grass fires on the grassy plains in the summer. But when he wasn't looking, his tail caught on fire. He quickly put his tail in a pond, but the stripes on his tail got burned off. In fact his tail turned white. His new tail was different from his old one, but he did not mind.

The next day he ran into a hungry tiger. The tiger chased him into the Forest of Oldness without knowing it. It was a scary place. It was dark and spooky. Dog soon became very old. His fur turned white and shaggy. After he took a bath in a hot spring, even the stripes on his head washed away. He grew a beard on his face. He had fun taking his bath, so he did not mind.

After his bath he ran around to get himself dry. He got really hungry from all the running. Dog saw some delicious fried chicken. He ate lots and lots, and his legs became fat and his stripes fell away.

And that is why today, the dog has shaggy white fur, fat legs, and a white tail.