By Aira and Rommoney

Long long ago, far far away, there once lived an elephant named well... Elephant. Elephant liked to wander around, collect fruits and berries to eat, and play jokes on others. But he was rude and noisy. The other animals knew Elephant was trying to scare them when he made all that noise.

Elephant lived on an island far, far away. He had rainbow legs, a spotted face, short ears, and a big fat tail. He lived alone with one of his sisters.

One day he decided to go outside to play jokes on others. He accidentally stepped into a gray mud puddle. He yelled and screamed, because his rainbow feet and legs had turned into gray feet and legs. He was very unhappy!

Just then Elephant saw a banana tree. Bananas were Elephant's favorite fruit. So he rammed the tree with his rear end, trying to knock the bananas down. Again and again he rammed, until his fat tail got all squooshed and skinny.

Later when he was wandering around, he saw a mouse.

Mouse said, "Wanna play?"

Elephant got scared, and he screamed, "Aahh."

He ran all the way back home. He ran so fast his spots got left behind. He jumped into his bed and cried until he fell asleep.

When he woke up, he went to eat dinner. He saw that his sister was cooking some berry pie. Sister asked Elephant, "Please go pick some berries for dinner." Elephant yelled, "NO WAY!" He yelled so loud every animal on the island could hear him. "Go, or no dinner for you!" yelled Sister. "Ok, I'll go." Elephant yelled.

So he went outside to get some berries for dinner. Just then he saw a bird flying in the air. He decided to try flying too. He flapped his ears... Flap! Flap! Flap!... until they got all stretched out, and all flappy.

And that is why, to this day, elephants have gray legs, flappy ears, and a skinny tail.