This beautiful raven mask is one example

of the art of the Northwest Peoples.

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 The Northwest Peoples live on the coast of the Pacific Ocean,

where the climate is mild.

They used to get most of what they needed from the forest and the sea.

Their lifestyle was fairly easy, and allowed them time to decorate

just about anything that they made or used.

Because most of what they used was made of the wood of the cedar tree,

they were, and still are, very good carvers.

They mostly carve animals that share their world.

They have a special way or style to their art.


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There are special elements to the northwest peoples' art form.

What kind of lines and shapes and colors do they tend to use?

Take a look at the elements of northwest art.

As you look at all the pictures in the different sites above,

take notes of the different head shapes, eyes, eyebrows, noses, beaks,

snouts, mouths, teeth, fins, wings, legs, feet, etc... that you see.


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