The Pilgrims

At school Molly read a story about the First Thanksgiving and she was asked to make a pilgrim doll. Who were these early Pilgrims and what was the First Thanksgiving all about?

The Pilgrims were a group of 50 people who left England in 1620 to come to the New World (now called America). In England people were told they had to worship God in a certain way. The Pilgrims did not like that. They wanted to find a place where they could have religious freedom. So they came to America.

How did the Pilgrims get to America?

They sailed on a ship called the Mayflower.

Where did the Pilgrims land?

The land that the Pilgrims first saw was a place now called Cape Cod, Massachusetts. There is now a town called Provincetown there. The Pilgrims needed to find a place to settle fast, because winter was coming. They made exploring trips around Cape Cod, but they did not like it there. Finally, on December 11, they came to a place called Plymouth. There was a big rock there. Maybe the Pilgrims landed there. The big rock is now known as Plymouth Rock. The Pilgrims liked it at Plymouth because it had rivers and brooks for fresh water, land for growing food, and a harbor safe for small boats. They decided to settle there.

What was this settlement of Plymouth like?

Walking Tour of Plimoth Plantation

Virtual Tour of the Plimoth Plantation.

What kind of clothes did the people wear?

Pilgrim Clothing

Native Clothing

What kind of games did the Pilgrim children play?

Pilgrim Children's Games