The Dr. King Timeline Page

A timeline of Dr. King's life written and illustrated by children.

Thank You, Dr. King

A book written by the third graders of Alvarado Elementary School in Union City.

A Teeny Tiny Book of MLK

An 8 page booklet about MLK you can print out and color.

MLK Print-Outs

Print-outs and timeline activities

Martin Luther King Jr. Day on the Net

The story of the man, Rosa Parks, the Montgomery Bus Boycott, the Holiday, the "I Have a Dream" speech...

MLK Quiz

A interactive multiple choice quiz about the life of MLK

MLKJr. Timeline

A timeline of MLK's life, by the Seattle Times, including links to articles and photos.


" I Have a Dream" Speech

The text of the speech in its entirety, as delivered on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington D.C. on August 28, 1963.

Spotlight on Mrs. Rosa Parks, Mother of the Civil Rights Movement

Learn about Mrs. Rosa Parks and her role in the Montgomery Bus Boycott.


A Photo Tour of the Civil Rights Movement

A sampling of historic photos of the Civil Rights Movement.


Martin Luther King, Jr.

Read about Martin Luther King Jr.'s life in a comic book format.

Birthplace of a Leader

Pictures of MLK's house, church, etc...