Lesson 2

What's Different?


Here are three book versions by three popular authors:

You can click on each book cover to see a bigger picture and read more about it.

Read some of these books and see if you find the same "main ingredients".

Do you recognize them as being basically the same story?

But as you can see,

every version is a little bit or a lot different.

Why do you suppose the versions are different?

Think, then

Sometimes a story-teller or story-writer

may want to change something about the story...

just for fun, or just to be creative.

For example, here are

The Three Little Pigs in three different cultures:

The Three Little Pigs in Signed English:

You can even read the story from the wolf's side.

When you change some of the elements in a fairy tale,

you get a new story called a FRACTURED FAIRY TALE.

So what are some ways you can change a story?

Think, then

Now you are ready to write a fractured fairy tale.


Read some fractured fairy tales written by other children:

You may want to write to one of the authors by using the "Story Appreciation" forms provided here.

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