Lesson 1

What's the Same?


Do you know the story of

The Three Little Pigs?

Click on the picture to read it again.


Now read these two other versions of

The Three Little Pigs:

Hmm... kind of different, aren't they?

But they are still kind of the same.

Think about the three versions you have just read.

Make a list of all the "elements" that are the same,

or that can be found in all three versions.

Think, then

Those elements are the "main ingredients" of the story.

The details may change, but the "theme" is the same.

In the old days, these stories were told to children

to teach them something about life.

What do you think the lesson

in The Three Little Pigs might be?

Do you think that all three versions have the same lesson?

Think, then

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