Healthy Start Grant
After receiving a planning grant, Alvarado Elementary received a $400,000 operational grant! This grant will allow us to provide on-site health and dental care as well as expand out afterschool program.

Road Ahead Grant
The Road Ahead Grant was awarded by the National Foundation for the Improvement of Education and funded by Microsoft corporation. This $30,000 grant provides funding for the creation of a Science and Technology Discovery Center and an afterschool Computer Academy. We are in the first year of the two year grant and have made great strides towards realizing our objectives.

1510 Technology Grant
Collaborating with Cabello Elementary, Pioneer Elementary, and Alvarado Middle school, we received a $100,000 technology grant to put computers into the classroom and use technology to assist our Multilingual community.

Hewlett Packard
In 1994, with the support of our parents, Hewlett Packard awarded us a grant of 4 HP scanners and 4 HP Laser Printers. These peripherals have been integrated into our Road Ahead Grant program. The Hewlett Packard proposal was the initiating grant of our Science and Technology Discovery Center.

Lawerence Hall of Science
Through a generous grant from Lawerence Hall of Science in Berkely, Alvarado was able to kick off the grand opening of our Science and Technology Discovery Center with a Bubble Festival. This two day event integrated science learning with lots of FUN!

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