Dancing Pokemon

1. We had to look on the web to draw a Pokemon. We practiced drawing on paper.

2. Then we took construction paper to cut out our Pokemon. We chose 4 parts that we wanted to move. We did not glue them on to the Pokemon figure.

3. We assembled it on a piece of construction paper.

4. The pieces that were cut off, we moved them into different places.

5. We took 5 pictures of our Pokemon using a digital camera and put them on a floppy disk.

6. We put our pictures on the computer. We made an Animated Gif file using Spin PhotoObject. We had to align, crop and make the file.

7. We chose background music for the Pokemon to dance to. We found our music on the web.

8. We put our animated Pokemon on a webpage and typed its name and our name.

9. Mrs. Hampton put in the music file.

10. Finally, we wrote a poem about our Pokemon.