After School Computer Girls Academy

In our grant, we have specified the need to encourage girls to be proficient computer users while developing leadership skills. The Computer Academy is aimed at third and fourth grade girls who will be using a variety of technologies including digital cameras and the internet. The girls from the Computer Academy have been able to provide a connection between Alvarado Elementary School and the Road Ahead Grant to the larger community. The participants of the Academy were involved in many events that promoted community involvement. During our Family Day in the Discovery Center many girls brought their families to paint the mural and set up the center. At the Union City Library computer dedication, four Academy members participated in the ceremony.

Meet the Computer Academy


I wanted to show the Alvarado Elementary web page to my class, but I was unsure what to do. Then I remembered Jacqueline, one of my students that is in the academy. I asked her to show the class and she expertly demonstrated using Netscape.

Third Grade Teacher

Visit some of the girls' web pages

These pages were created using Web Workshop by Vividus, who generously allowed us to be a pilot school for the product

The Computer Academy's lastest project is creating web pages for the girls' classrooms. Come visit the classrooms at Alvarado

Power Thinking in Science Through Technology

Alvarado Elementary School's Road Ahead Program

Funded by Bill Gates

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