Favorite Riddles from Room 20

To read the answer, put the cursor next to the hand (after the red line).

Click down, drag the mouse across, and hold until the anwer appears.

Where do you weigh a whale?

|At the whale weigh station

From Parminder N.

What do you call a dinosaur that is asleep?

|Tyranno snore us rex

From Michelle S.

What do you get if you saw a tadpole and a bull cross the road?

|A bullfrog

From Alexander C.

What is an Australian ghost's favorite dessert?

|A boo-meringue pie

From Harpreet K.

What do Draculas take for their throat?

|Coffin drops

From Frank R.

Why did the firefly skip a grade ?

|He was too bright.

From Michelle. S

Why do cows go to the theaters?

|So they could see moovies.

From Frank R.

Why do pigs rip a page off a calendar?

|So they can have a date.

From Frank R.

What is another name for a bull?

|A cowboy

From Gerald M.

What is a dog's favorite movie?

|Jurassic Bark

From Parminder N.

What breaks when you say its name?


From Bryan L.

How can you tell if a fly in the kitchen is a cowboy?

|It 'll be on the range.

From Frank W.

What's the world's biggest milk shake?

|A cow on a trampoline

From Shuntell D.

How do ants get to the hospital?

|In a ant-bulance

From Rebecca W.

What can you serve but never eat?

|A volleyball

From Michael G.

What is a skeleton's favorite instrument?

|A trombone

From Abdul H.

Why did the astronaut get the day off?

|Because the moon was full

From Joshua R.

Why did Spiderman get a new computer?

|Because he wanted to find the World Wide Web

From Frank R.

How do turtles keep warm?

|They wear peopleneck sweaters.

From Tabatha L.

Why did the father knit three socks for his son?

|Because his son has grown another foot

From Bryan L.

What has two hands but doesn't write, and tells you something but doesn't talk?

| A clock

From Harpreet K.

What kind of shoes can you make out of banana peels?


From Frank R.

Why didn't the man play cards on his ocean cruise?

|Because the captain was sitting on the deck

From Gerald M.

What did the mother ghost say when the little ghost got into the car?

|"Fasten your seat belt."

From Parminder N.

Which monkey can fly?

| A hot air baboon

From Alex C.

Why wouldn't Batman go fishing with Robin?

|Because robin would eat all the worms

From Christina L.

What box has a lot of letters?

|The mailbox

From Jhoanna P.

Why do cows talk on the phone?

|To commoonicate

From Ian B.