Navajo and Hopi Dyes

Dyes for rugs come from plants and minerals found on the land. It is very hard work to find the plants because they grow all over the reservations. Follow Mrs. Bryan as she prepares the dye for her rug....

Mrs. Bryan decides to dye some yarns for her rug. She plans to use brown, rose, green , black, and white yarn. She has to go find her materials . She goes to the mountains to dig mountain mahogany root. She hikes to the nearest mesa and picks the red fruit of the prickly pear. Then she goes 25 miles to a coal mine to gather ocher. After she walks to the foothills where she finds a lot of pitch from the pinion trees. She gathers sumac and dries it. Then she finds gypsum, a rock. Finally, she looks outside her door and picks some sagebrush, because it grows EVERYWHERE!

Now she needs alum and juniper to make sure the color stays on the yarn and doesn't wash off.

Can you figure out what colors are made from each plant or rock? Go meet the challenge!