Native Americans from the Southwest have used fetishes since prehistoric times. A fetish is an object where a spirit lives. If the fetish is treated with respect it will help the owner with supernatural powers. Any object can be used as a fetish, but many are carved from stone.

Zuni Legend

There was a time when all the animals were shrunken and turned to stone by certain supernatural beings. When they were finally restored to life, some were overlooked. Stones that naturally resememble an animal are believed to date from this time and are extra special.


Most Southwest nations use and make fetishes but the Zuni are the best known. They make the most different kinds.

Turtle is the link to the past and long life

Buffalo is good luck for the hunt

Bear brings strength and healing. White bears especially are powerful healers.


Eagles bring good fortune when small game is the prey. Eagles are the means a Shaman uses for his spirit to leave his body.

Mole is the protector and hunter of the underground.

Mountain Lion brings luck to all hunts and is considered to be the elder of all big game animals

Owls are felt to be guardians of the home and village. Zuni's also see owls as an omen of important change.


Snakes have curative powers. They are associated with Creation - lightning, rain

Wolf has strong hunting powers, are cunning and are said to be much like humans.

More to Know about Zuni and Navajo Fetishes

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