Are you curious about rattlesnakes? Here are some pictures. Do you think they are all the same kind of rattlesnake?


There are many interesting facts about rattlesnakes. Read the Question and Answers to find out more!


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Is there anything that will eat a rattlesnake?

The rattlesnake is eaten by other snakes, like the king snake, birds and people.


Is it ever safe to pick up a rattlesnake?

It is never safe to pick up a rattlesnake. They are not pets!


How does the rattlesnake inject venom?

Rattlesnakes have one of the most evolved venom-injection methods of any venomous creature. The fangs lie flat against the roof of the mouth, and fold out for use.

How does the rattle form?

A rattlesnake is born with a button on the end of its tail. With its first shedding, it gains its first rattle segment, and it gains a new one each time it sheds. Because a snake can shed its skin several times a year at a rate that is different for each individual, and because rattle segments frequently break off, there is no correlation between the number of rattles and a snake's age.

How does the snake smell?

The snake uses it's tongue to smell.


Where do rattlesnakes live?

Rattlesnakes cannot, and need not, dig their own dens. They take over the dens of rodents they prey on.


What makes the venom poisionous?

Rattlesnake venom is less potent than that of the honeybee. It is the quantity of venom that makes the rattlesnake's bite more dangerous.


How does a rattlesnake move?

Rattlesnakes move in many different ways. Can you find the sidewinder in the pictures at the top? Look at the picture to find different ways snakes move.

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