The coyote lives in all 48 states. It is a very adaptable animal! Look at these pictures and see the environment where the coyote lives.

What is different in each picture?

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How big is a coyote?

It is a medium size shepard dog and it usually weighs between 20 and 30 lbs.


What color is the coyote?

It is grayish-brown to black, often with patch of white chest hair.


Where does the coyote live?

It lives in all 48 states and in a variety of habitats including city hillsides. The home is in a den in hollow logs, brush piles and burrows (they usually enlarge burrows made by other animals such as armadillos)


What does the coyote eat?

It feeds on variety of animals including rabbits, mice, deer, birds, and insects. It also eats plant material including persimmons, watermelons, wild plums, and blackberries.


What are some behaviors?

It is most active at night.


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