Bones and horns were often made into tools, utensils, and weapons because of their strength and hardness.

This is an awl. Its handle is made of bone.

An awl is a tool with a sharp point used for poking holes. To sew pieces of hide together, holes were poked along the edges so that the sinew used to tie them together can pass through.


The handle of this knife is also made of bone.

Bones can also be carved into tools, such as hide scrapers and awls.

Small bones can be carved into needles.

The horns were made into cups, bowls, spoons, ladles. When heated the horns could be melded into various shapes. They were also used as arrow points, fire carriers, ornaments, and even medication.

The ribs of the buffalo were tied together to make sleds for the children.

The teeth were often used as ornaments.