Contrary to common belief, the word "mush"
is not used to drive sled dogs.
Mush comes from the French word"marche"
which is from the verb "marcher"
which means to walk.
Undoubtedly, the French used this
during gold rush days.
The word "mush" is felt to be too "soft" a sound
to be used as a command.
Below is a short list of common commands
and terms associated with dog driving sports.



Hike: Get the dogs moving

Gee: Turn right

Haw: Turn left

Easy: Slow down

Musher: One that drives sled dogs

Mushing: The act of driving sled dogs

Lead dog: Dog that steers the sled dog team

and regulates speed

Wheel dog: Dogs closest to the sled

Sled: Wooden rig the dogs pull in the snow

and on which you stand

Snowless rigs: Also called training carts.

Take the place of the sled when there is no snow.