PLAY: One player, who serves first, is selected. After the first game the winner serves first. One

player stands in each court. The server starts the game by hitting the ball out of his hand.

His /her opponent may strike the ball at any time it passes him/her, they must try to hit the

ball. As the ball travels, each player tries to hit it in an effort to wind the ball around the

pole. The player who first winds the ball completely around the pole wins the game.

During the game each player must remain in his/her own playing zone.

FOULS: The following are fouls:

1. Hitting the ball with any part of the body other than the hands of forearms.

2. Stopping continuous play by holding or catching the ball.

3. Touching the pole with any part of the ball.

4. Interferring with the progess of the game by hitting the rope with forearm o hands.

5. Playing the ball while standing outside of the playing zone.

6. Stepping on the neutral zone lines.

7. Throwing the ball.

SCORING: The game is won by the player who first winds the rope completely around the pole

or by forefeit because of a foul commited by his/her opponent.

PENALTY: A player who commits any of the fouls listed above forfeits the game to his/her opponent.

Play stops immediately after a foul has been committed.


RULES: Next person waiting is the "judge" and decides all close plays.

Maximum --2 games in a row, no exceptions. No "manys" games.

Active play, no playing "easy".



PLAY: One player starts the game standing inside the servers square bt bouncing the ball once and hittingit into the opposite square. The ball must be hit with both hands at the same time, fingers down and palms up. The ball must bounce once and only once in a square before it is returned. A player who misses the ball , or fouls, must move to the end of the waiting line. Other players move up in rotation--CLOCKWISE The object of the game is to get another out and move up to the servers square.


FOULS: 1. Hitting the ball more than once prior to its return.

2. Falling to hit the ball with both hands at the same time.

3. Failing to hit the ball with open hands, fingers pointed down, with palms up.

4. Catching or blocking the ball.

5. Bouncing the ball on a line or out of the court.

6. Failing to return the ball to another court.

7. Being hit by the ball.

PENALTY: A player who commits any foul moves out of the square to the end of the waiting line.

OTHER RULES: First person waiting is the judge and decides on close plays, active play, no playing easy.