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Graffiti is a problem that must be addressed. Kids doing the

tagging must be given a dose of reality. They must get the proper

education on how graffiti affects us as a society. Graffiti not only

effects the government's budget, but the graffiti artists are ultimately

paying for the clean up of graffiti through the taxes they pay yearly.

What many people do not realize is that graffiti effects everyone

regardless of whether they participate or not in the act of graffiti.

With billions of dollars being spent on the clean up of graffiti, taxes

rise to accommodate the budget needed for clean-up. If the problem

of graffiti is not addressed, the taggers will continue to deface and

destroy property with an "in your face" attitude, all the while

blaming others for their rejection. Until we find a way to help

educate children, parents, and teachers about the causes and effects

of graffiti, the problem will continue to expand across the country.

ĄThe government has made numerous programs that may aid in the

reduction of the amount of graffiti that is being done. Such

programs include:


~Free walls: These walls are designed to have a place where

graffiti is legal so that people can go there to write instead of a

sound wall or a subway car. Unfortunately this program usually

backfires because graffiti artist do not have enough room on the

wall so they use other walls that are near-by. This causes a problem

with the local community and neighbors whose property is defaced.


~Assemblies: Local governments have contributed to the fight

against graffiti by hosting assemblies for elementary school

children to discuss the causes and effects of graffiti. These programs

have been very successful in making the kids aware of the problem

of graffiti.


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