•There are many ways to educate our youth about graffiti

and the effects that go along with it.


•The city's Anti-Graffiti Program of San Jose now uses

puppets to debate the pros and cons of graffiti. If you are

interested in helping present these shows call please call:

(408) 277-3208


•Assemblies on the effects of graffiti are also put on

by city organizations. In the New Haven School District,

presentations are put on every year by the Union City

Public Works to educate the elementary school children

about the seriousness of graffiti.


•To learn more about the effects of graffiti, here are some other

links that may help in furthering your education on graffiti.


National Graffiti Information Network


An Anti-Graffiti Web Page


Oxnard's Anti-Graffiti Program


The Anti-Graffiti FAQ


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