¥Paint Walls- There are organizations that provide clean-

up. On every Saturday a group of offenders or volunteers

go and paint walls that have been corrupted by graffiti.

See local listings or call local police department for more



¥Scrub Walls (Paint removal) -There are also

organizations that provide clean-up days to scrub the paint

off of walls. If you are interested look in your local paper

for information, check your phone book for numbers to

call, or refer to the telephone numbers page.


¥If you are a victim of graffiti, report it to your local police

department immediately! or call a removal agency.


Numbers to call


¥If you would like to help in the cleaning up of graffiti call

your local graffiti hot line or a phone number on the

numbers page. You may also check your local phone book

for numbers to call for volunteer work.


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