ACE is a hub of hundreds of educational links geared for students and teachers in the elementary and middle schools. These links are organized by school subjects.

ACE is designed to be kid-friendly, "safe", empowering. It encourages students to explore, initiate projects, and conduct independent research.

ACE is also a readily available resource for teachers who are interested in designing internet-based lessons.

At our school ACE is the default homepage for Netscape on all the computers used by students.


WHO started ACE?

ACE was started by a trio of third grade teachers, ManYee DeSandies , Cathy Hampton, and Tammy Kafin at Alvarado Elementary School in the New Haven Unified School District in Union City, California.


WHEN was ACE started?

ACE was started in January 1997. We came back from Christmas vacation to find our classroom computers wired to the Internet. "Now what?" We panicked.

A couple of us went to the Connected Classroom Conference in Anaheim, CA. We came back very excited.


WHY was ACE created?

We wanted the students to use the extensive and wonderful resources of the Internet. We did not feel comfortable sending them out to surf the Web, because that would be both overwhelming and unsafe for elementary age children. So we had a great idea: We would create our own little webpage and put a few appropriate and interesting links on it. We thought it would be a good way for all of us to get started.


HOW did ACE become what it is today?

Simple: We became obsessed...

Add a few thousand hours on the computer...

And a lot of collegial, administrative and district support,

as well as a lot of enthusiasm from the students.



We hope that ACE is useful to you and your students.

In order to make ACE an even better site, we would really appreciate your input:

Please send us feedback, suggestions for links, or any other ideas.

If you develop a lesson or worksheet based on any of the sites, please send it to us and we will link it to the site.